Detached houses

Pellet burners

What is it?

Burners are appliances used to burn fuels such as wood pellets in the boilers for heating the buildings. Burners are an inexpensive and very efficient alternative to boiler room modernization because their installation does not require boiler replacement.

Affordable and easy boiler room modernization

The basic advantage of the pellet burners is the fact that their installation is possible in most of the already operated heating appliances, both in coal, coal dust, eco pea coal and oil boilers or some gas ones. Owing to that, it is possible to considerably reduce cost of the boiler room modernization, which has a direct influence on the return on investment.

Comfort of use

The pellet burners are the appliances combining efficient burning of solid fuels (biomass) with comfort of using liquid fuels and gas. As a result, your house can be heated in a clean and economic way.


Pellets are clean, smell nice and their remains in a boiler room are easy to sweep. A boiler room can also be used e.g. as a laundry or drying room, which is of significant importance in detached houses. Ash from pellet is only 0.1% of the burnt mass (depending on the manufacturer) that is much less than from coal dust, coal, eco pea coal, coke or wood. Moreover, ash can be used in a garden or orchard as an organic fertilizer.

Operation automatic control

The pellet burner control cares for economic burning and heating. Thanks to the use of the electric heater with low power consumption, a boiler fires up automatically when it is needed. When it reaches the pre-set temperature, boiler extinction occurs and it waits for the next firing up. Very good results are achieved by connecting a pellet boiler with mixing systems and room thermostats – they made it is possible to considerably reduce quantity of burnt fuel.

Economic and ecological

When compared to oil or gas, pellet is above all cheaper. As a result of its burning, only minimal quantity of harmful substances is emitted into the atmosphere and, what is more, it is renewable energy. Biomass required for production of pellet can be obtain within a few or several years, but not within a few hundred thousand years as in the case of coal, gas or oil.

Wide selection of burners

The most popular Pellas X burners designed for use in detached houses are models with the following power ranges:

  • Burners from 5 to 26 kW – X Mini, HYBRID Mini, REVO Mini
  • Burners from 8 to 35 kW – X Mini 35, HYBRID Mini 35, REVO Mini 35
  • Burners from 10 to 44 kW – X 44, HYBRID 44, REVO 44