Pellet burner M 500

Pellet burners with heating power from 120 to 500 KW

Is dedicated to modernization boilers and oil furnaces on solid fuel in single-family and multi-family buildings.

Burner main features M 500



Burners adapted to burn:

  • 6-8 mm diameter wood pellet
  • agri-pellets
  • pits: dry cherry and olive pits
  • oats

Used Technologies

Walking Grate System

  • Integrated walking grate system
  • Combustion of lower quality pellet also with lower calorific value
  • Doesn’t require frequent service

Mesh Furnace System

  • System of combined heat-resistant tiles forming the grate. Prevents
    cracks and increases grate’s durability

Precise Fuel Dosing System

  • Precise fuel dosing increases the work precision at a specific burner power. The feeder increases the burner’s work safety, disabling the flame’s return

Hybrid Drive System

  • Fan and inner feeder integrated system
  • Energy efficient – low power consumption
  • More efficient combustion

Overpressure Combustion System

  • Application of the Venturi’s system prevents the flame`s return
  • More efficient burner’s efficiency through central air delivery while combustion

Combustion Chamber Fuel Mixing System

  • Increases ashes removal and improves burning proces

X.Plug System

  • Original Project of safe plug and socket designed and manufactured specially just for PellasX

X.Shell System

  • Easily removable blower shell with integrated blowing channel
  • Easy access to the igniter and other elements in the blowing chamber

X.Gnite System

  • Fast pellet fire-starter system
  • Lowers electrical power consumption
  • Combination of metal (durability) and ceramic (fire-starter speed) igniters

Quick Mounting/Unmounting Igniter System

  • Makes the burner’s service easie

The set includes:

  • Burner M 500
  • S.Control controller (other controllers are also offered)
  • 3 m long galvanised feeder

Pellet burners M 500 set

Dimensions of pellet burner  M 500 | PellasX

Pellet burner M 500 dimensions

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