Controller S.Control Touch


Features of the S.Control TOUCH

Configuration wizard
  • Fast and easy configuration in several steps
  • Air and fuel parameters are matched automatically
  • High class colour, touch display
  • Graphical and text menu
  • Alarm and error history
  • Reading of flame brightness
  • Fuel quantity in the hopper
  • Current fuel consumption
  • Current burner power
  • Info key for quick help
  • Alarm sound signalling
  • Clock with calendar
  • Central heating pump
  • Domestic hot water pump with temperature sensor
  • Mixing valve with temperature sensor
  • Outdoor temperature sensor
  • Room thermostat
  • Boiler thermostat (Gas/Oil)
  • Pressure sensor for flue gas fan monitoring
  • Flue gas temperature sensor
  • Safety temperature limiter
  • For mixing valves with temperature sensors
  • Domestic hot water circulation pump
  • Buffer circuit charging pump with temperature sensors
  • Main hopper feeder with fuel sensor
  • Lambda Control
  • Net Control

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