Controller R.Control Touch


Properties of the R.Control TOUCH

  • Colour touch display – intuitive device operation
  • Two menu types – simple menu and advanced menu (service one). Daily operation of the device is possible from the simple menu level,
  • Info key – intelligent help function. Each parameter is described and particular descriptions are shown by pressing the Info key,
  • Modular regulator design – possible extension of the control system by additional operation of three pumps (boiler pump, domestic hot water pump and mixing valve pump) and four heating circuits with mixing valve servomotors,
  • Control of all available circuits – possibility of connecting the outdoor temperature sensor and operation with weather automatic control in different configurations,
  • Stepless adjustment of the burner fan operation – ensures perfect matching of air and fuel volume, which has an impact on the economy of fuel consumption,
  • Remote controller operation – possibility of adjusting the controller settings from the room, where the Room Control TOUCH thermostat is installed,
  • Flue gas temperature monitoring – monitoring of the heat exchanger fouling,
  • Continuous reading of flame brightness – monitoring of the burner operation,
  • Possibility of connecting the broadband Lambda sensor – adjustment of air volume supplied to the combustion process – better fuel use,
  • Information on quantity of fuel in the hopper – graphical and sound information when there is no fuel left,
  • Alarm sound signalling – increased safety of the appliance operation,
  • Alarm and error history – storage of history of recent errors and alarms including description, occurrence date and confirmation date,
  • Clock with calendar – the clock makes it possible to program the required room temperatures and domestic hot water temperature in a weekly cycle,
  • Statistics – storage of statistical data on the system operation – possible operation monitoring and reduction of fuel consumption, e.g. monitoring of the boiler temperature, burner power and operation time of the fuel feeder,
  • Restoring factory settings,
  • Compatible with automatic controls of an oil and gas boiler – firing up, sustaining flame after reaching the preset temperature and fuel supplying is performed automatically,
  • Possibility of connecting the exhaust fan.

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