Burner Revo 70

Pellet burners with heating power 15 to 70 KW


Burner main features Revo 70



Burners adapted to burn:

  • low quality wood pellet 6-8 mm
  • wood pellet 6-8 mm
  • pits: dry cherry and olive pits
  • oats


  • High pressure combustion system and firewall with counterweight – no risk of backfire
  • Safety temperature limiter STB cuts off power supply of the external feeder (stops fuel supply) when the boiler overheating occurs
  • Polyurethane pipe connecting the burner and feeder is melted when backfire occurs and fuel is not fed to the burner – fuel is thrown outside the hazardous area


  • Rotary fuel mixing system in the combustion chamber – increased ash removal, improved combustion process and maintenance-free operation
  • Automatic start after voltage failure – memory of recent settings
  • Hearth made of the highest quality heat resistant steel
  • Made from the best materials using the most advanced technologies


  • Configuration wizard: fast and easy configuration in several steps, air and fuel parameters are matched automatically
  • Automatic operation: firing up, cleaning and flame control
  • Stepless (electronic) power adjustment
  • Possibility of combustion process monitoring with the Lambda Control (option)
  • Low CO and CO₂ emission
  • Low power consumption
  • Low thermal inertia
  • High combustion efficiency – up to 99%
  • Flame sensor for precise detection of the flame intensity
  • Fully compatible with automatic controls of the oil and gas boiler and bakery oven

The set includes:

  • Burner Revo 70
  • S.Control controller (other controllers are also offered)
  • 2m long galvanised feeder

palnik na pellet zestaw revo 70

Manufacturer: Pellas X
Type: REVO 70
Output: 15 – 70 kW
Power supply: 230 V AC / 50Hz
Average power consumption: 85 W
Weight: 27 kg
Feeder length: 2 m
Combustion efficiency: do 99 %
Output adjustment: YES
Lambda Control: YES (option)
Central heating pump operation: YES
Domestic hot water pump operation: YES
Room Control: YES (option)
Weather automatic control: YES (option)
Net Control: YES (option)

Dimensions of pellet burner Revo 70 | Pellas X

pellasx_revo 70

  • Controller purely in Pellas X’s offer.
  • Authorial software based on own algorithms.
  • Fast and easy configuration in several steps.
  • Air and fuel parameters are matched automatically.
  • Graphical and text menu.
  • Serviced by one touch&play knob.
  • Output H – possibility to connect alarm system, additional boiler or circular pump.

Click here for a detailed description: Controller S.Control

Feeder is an integral part of the pellet burner set.


  • High efficiency
  • Made of galvanized steel – higly resistant to corrosion
  • Energy efficient – just 25W of consumed power
  • Intended for transport of pellet type 6-8mm in diameter, and oats and seeds
  • Working angle from 0° to 60°
  • Standard length 2 or 3 meters, depending on burner, can be extended on order, up to 10 meters to allow for adaptation to dimensions of boiler-room or fuel hopper.

Click here for a detailed description: Fuel feeder

The manufacturer reserves the right to change technical parameters of the Pellas X burners.
The product is notified to the Polish Patent Office. It has industrial design registration certificate, trademark protection certificate and utility model protection right. The product complies with EU directives and has the CE safety mark.

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