Next innovations in burners

On the 18th of September 2017 we implemented changes in REVO Mini, REVO Mini 35 and HYBRID Mini burners. We came up with following innovations to improve technological profits:

  • New, more efficient heater with easier assembly system.
  • Removable brackets which are fixing a burner to the boiler. Now, burner is easily disassembled out of boiler leaving screws on its position. These also allows to regulate the distance between the burner and the boiler – using different thickness of isolation.
  • Blower chamber gasket – sealing up the blower chamber improve a burner efficiency and makes stars-up settings easier.

On 7th of August 2017 we have implemented igniter’s modification in X Mini and X Mini 35 burners.

  • Easier exchange – without using tools. It’s enough to unscrew the new type of igniter, whereas installation involves tighten.
  • Reliable – ceramic part is placed centrically which means that it doesn’t touch metal binder where it is placed.
  • Faster ignition – thanks to centrical arrangement whole surface of igniter warms up steadily in 20 seconds.
  • Higher heating efficiency – more effective ignition.