KSW 42: Marcin Wójcik defeated Hatef Moeil

3rd of March on Atlas Arena in Łodź, took place gala KSW 42. During this event, Marcin Wójcik from GŁD Team Piła was supposed to face Chris Fields. Unfortunately, Irishman was not able to reach Łodź because of transport reasons. On his place, representatives of KSW federation invited Hatef Moeil “King of Persia” from German UFD Gym. On the Friday weighting was heavier than Marcin by 19,3 kilograms. All last fights Hatef won by knockout in the first round.
After two rounds with Marcin, Hatef Moeil was too tired to start next round and the judge decided to end the fight by TKO (technical knockout).
This is Marcin Wójcik’s eleven victory.


source: www.kswmma.com | www.polsatsport.pl | facebook.pl