Innovative Revo burners

Innovative rotary burner with self-cleaning combustion chamber

REVO- lines’ burners are innovative products on the world market. Because of the high advanced technology of rotary combustion chamber, controlled by PellasX’s hybrid drive, our burners are pathbreaking. In addition to high efficiency of combustion (almost 99%), unique solution of rotary burner guarantees serviceless work and permanent self-cleaning from ash remaining during combustion. These burners ensure great combustion even with worse quality of pellet, wood pellet, seeds or oat.

Recognized quality

Modern look, innovativeness and the highest quality of Revo-line burner’s workmanship are recognized by the specialist all over the world. These are more often than not awarded pellets’ burners on the market. We can boast of honors like:

  • Laureate in “Teraz Polska” Competition – 2017;
  • Gold Medal on ITP “Wybór Konsumentów” – 2016;
  • Gold Medal on ITP Polo- Eco-System – 2015;
  • Gold Medal on ITP Installation – 2014;
  • Honor by Chapter of ECODESIGN Competition during POLEKO Fairs in 2014.

New quality generation

For the first time in history of pellets’ burners, Revo-line in domestic power (5 – 35kW) stand out not only because of structural solutions but also thanks to its design. Since now, pellets’ burners become representative element of boiler room, which PellasX client is keen to praise – modern form of burner with advanced technology.

Unique structural construction

Technology of REVO burners is based on systems registered in patent office:

  • PellasX hybrid drive – integrated ventilator and inside feeder. This is fully controlled by Halla’s sensor and it synchronizes supplied amount of fuel and air. The drive stands out in low electrical power consumption, help to achieve high efficiency of combustion (to 99%) and ensures low exhaust emissions. Using rotor with high inertness, weakens possibility of overheating.
  • Rotary combustion chamber – ensures high stability of combustion, including constant self-cleaning from ash. Chamber construction provides longer bearing life and enables its agile replacement.
  • Floating pipe – eliminates blockades and scotches caused by thermal tensions.
  • Air Blade System – ensures precise air delivery to combustion chamber and lengthen it durability.
  • Overpressure combustion – the air is directly deliver do combustion chamber what leads to increased flow’s spinning and reduces the possibility of regression.
  • Fast kindling – gas lighter in the shape of PTC energy-saving element which is sunken in ceramic, with automatic start up after voltage break.

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