Innovative Revo burners

Revo burners – rotary pellet burners

These are innovative products on the world market. Their breakthrough nature involves the highly advanced rotary combustion chamber technology controlled by the Pellas X hybrid drive. In addition to high combustion efficiency of up to 99%, the unique solution of the rotary burner ensures maintenance-free operation and permanent removal of ash left after combustion. The burners also provide for perfect combustion of worse quality pellets, wood pellets, pits and oats. The Revo burners are available in power range from 5 to 150 kW. The Revo burners won the Gold Medal at the Poznań International Trade Fair of Installations INSTALACJE 2014 and were awarded by the committee of ECODESIGN competition during POLEKO fair 2014.

New quality generation

The burners are available with power from 5 to 150 kW. For the first time in the pellet burner history, the Revo series for domestic use (5 – 35 kW) stands out not only with technology solutions, but also its design.

We offer innovative looks of the device, both because it is so clean in the boiler room and because it brings new quality of aesthetics, so far unavailable in this product category. This device delivers cutting edge technology tailored in high quality design.

Appreciated workmanship

Creativity and the highest standard of workmanship of the Revo burners were appreciated by the jury at the Poznań International Trade Fair of Installations 2014 by awarding the burner with Gold Medal. The burners were also awarded by the jury of Poleko fair in the Eco Design competition as the environmentally friendly product and distinguishing by its design, workmanship and functionality.

Rotary pellet and oats burner with power from 5 to 26 KW

The Revo Mini pellet burners are the breakthrough technology with the highly advanced rotary combustion chamber controlled by the Hybrid Drive. The burner is based on the patented systems:

  • Pellas X Hybrid Drive – integrates the fan and internal feeder. It is fully controlled by Hall sensor and balances quantity of the supplied fuel and air. It features low power consumption, enables very high combustion efficiency (up to 99%) and ensures low flue gas emission (class 5 emission). The use of the impeller with high inertia reduces the possibility of overheating.
  • Rotary combustion chamber – ensures high stability of the combustion process owing to, among others, permanent self-removal of ashes. The chamber construction ensures longer service life of the bearings and enables their fast replacement.
  • Floating Pipe System – eliminating any blockages and seizures caused by thermal stresses.
  • Air Vane System – ensures precise air supply to the combustion chamber and extends its life.
  • Overpressure Combustion System – air is supplied centrally to the combustion chamber, which results in increased flame rotation and prevents backfire.
  • Fast Ignition System – igniter in a form of energy efficient PTC element melted into ceramic, with the function of automatic restart after power supply failure.

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