Environmental protection

Activity for environmental protection

Ecology is not only the care for your immediate environment or life style, but it is, above all, responsibility for the future of the Earth. In our case, the main environmentally-friendly trend is determined by the strategy of continuous biomass combustion technology development – continuous improvement of the already implemented technologies and work on next innovative solutions.
One of the examples is the implementation of the system for combustion of pellets (i.e. agri-pellets) produced from agricultural waste in the REVO series, which supports even more the use of renewable fuels and recycling.

The Pellas X burners are characterised by low flue gas emission, especially carbon dioxide (class 5 flue gas emission standard!) and the innovative electrical solutions used significantly reduce power consumption.
It is also possible to connect several supply sources in one heating system, i.e. burner, solar thermal collectors, photovoltaic modules or fireplace and using them together or alternating.

Our efforts were appreciated by awarding the winner title by the committee of the 5th edition of GreenEvo – Green Technology Accelerator. It is the project of the Ministry of Environment prepared to promote the Polish environmental technologies and support their development.