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About PellasX

We have been engaged in advanced technologies of heating systems since 1991. In 2001, we started producing biomass fuel burners under PellasX brand. They are the highest quality and most advanced burners available on the market. The models offered enable biomass in a form of pits, oats, pellet to be burned in a very efficient manner. The great advantage of our burners is the possibility of their installation in any type of a boiler, i.e. oil, gas or solid fuel boilers without any costly modifications in the existing system. All products are designed by our team of designers and the highest production quality is ensured by well-equipped and continuously modernized stock of machines. The burners are manufactured in Piła. Our qualified personnel install them throughout Europe and service team provides support to our customers worldwide.

Wide offer of pellet burners

In order to meet the expectations and needs of our customers, we offer burners with heating power ranging from 5 to 500 kW in three technological series: REVO, HYBRID, M and X. The PellasX burners are used in central heating boilers, steam boilers, baking ovens and blow heating ovens. As a result, they can be used in detached houses, multi-family houses, industrial and utility buildings, as well as in bakeries and drying rooms. In short everywhere, where heat energy is needed.