Pellet burners

Next generation burners

Pellas X is the brand under which we have been manufacturing the biomass burners since 2001. They are the highest quality and the most technologically advanced burners available on the market. The unique and patented solutions implemented by us include:

  • Hybrid drive system – power consumption reduced by 50%,
  • High pressure combustion system – no risk of backfire,
  • Combustion chamber fuel mixing system – extends maintenance-free operation,
  • Rotary combustion chamber system – ensures permanent self-cleaning from ashes.

Our products are made of acid-resistant steel and equipped with the best quality parts available on the market. The offer includes the burners with heating power ranging from 5 to 500 kW in three technological lines – REVO, HYBRID and X.

Ecological and energy efficient heating

The fuel in the PellasX burner is biomass such as: pellets, agri-pellets, oats or pits. They are fuels with low carbon dioxide emissions and thus environmentally friendly. Owing to the PellasX burner installation in a boiler, heating costs incurred are considerably lower when compared to oil. A boiler room is clean and fumes discharged from a chimney smell like burnt wood.

For whom are the pellet burners?

The Pellas X pellet burners can be installed in every oil, gas or solid fuel boiler. They are used both in detached houses, multi-family houses (small housing co-operatives), bakeries, hotels, public utility buildings, schools and production halls or warehouses. The largest advantage of our products is the possibility to connect the burner without the necessity of implementing expensive modifications in the existing installation.

Our specialists will tailor the burner power to your needs. Please, feel invited to have a look at our offer.